Open Innovation


We study the gain as well as costs of open innovation in order to identify important trade-offs that emerge when firms embark on open innovation strategy. For firms, there is an enormous potential to make business based on formal and knowledge exchange. If firms are able to manage the processes related to such exchange, huge economic benefits may be expected to firms and to society as a whole. We address questions from various angles, i.e. how open to be; when to be open; how to balance local search for innovative solutions and technologically distant search; how to use intellectual property rights in open innovation processes; and how and when to apply lead users.


We aim to unleash the potential of an open innovation strategy by getting a better understanding of the processes. The aim is to become an internationally excellent research group that can compare to any other unit within the innovation field, around the globe. Our members have already published many recent, yet very well-cited articles in the field and have a strong impact on the contemporary innovation literature.  We aim at delivering output at the highest academic level, while producing results that are centrally important to business firms.



INO Fall Seminar 1
Presenter: Assistant Professor of Management: Ozgecan Kocak, Affiliation: Sabanci University Abstract of presented article will be distibuted before the seminar.
INO Fall Seminar 2
Presenter: Professor MSO - Mads M. Jæger Affiliation: Århus University
INO Fall Seminar 3
Presenter: Associate Professor of Organization & Management - Giacomo Negro Affiliation: Emory University
INO Fall Seminar 4
Presenter: Associate Professor - Jeroen Kuilman Affiliation: Tilburg University
INO Fall Seminar 5
Presenter: Associate Professor - Francisco Veloso Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon
INO Fall Seminar 6
Presenter: Associate Professor - Aija Leiponen Affiliation: Imperial College
INO Fall Seminar 7
Presenter: Professor - Christophe Boone Affiliation: University of Antwerp